Hi Lisa,

    We just spoke on the phone, you asked me to send you a message confirming that I would like to be placed on hold and to say what I like about Carrie.  
     Carrie apparently grew up in New Mexico, but wanted to get out of there as soon as she could.  My parents meet in New Mexico area as well, and would constantly bring us back there on family trips.  I could see how that might influence why I think we get along so well.  Both of our upbringings gave us small town personality characteristics but we like living in the bay area.  I think that’s kind of a rare dichotomy. 
     Carrie was born in Germany.  She only lived there a short time. I have been learning German for a while and my sister lives in Germany so that’s a fun connection.
     There are just lots of fun little connections like that.  More examples: she used to work at the Renaissance Fair and I have an almost complete Renaissance Fair costume.  She seems to be into art.  She has done a bunch of traveling.
     More recently something I think that has brought us closer is I’m trying to start my own business and Carrie is trying to do the same, so we have been dealing with some similar issues lately that we have been able to help each other out with.
     Of course its always a nice bonus that she is ridiculously pretty.  She is exactly the sort of gal that I go in for.