We went to the Top Gun movie, and we had a great time. He got us the navy jackets, hats, belts for their “gun”, dog tags, and oxygen masks that he made out of cardboard. We had lunch before hand. People stopped to thank us for our service, then we went for sushi and a cocktail.
Then Monday he called and said he sat on his glasses and wanted my help to pick his frames. I am no good or help so I faced timed my daughter and she helped pick them out. Then we went to the cheesecake factory.
He then sent another text that he did research and that I had some options of what to do. He said we could go for a walk, river rafting, or go to the movies. I said one and two are out. We both have the same trouble walking. He said that maybe we just need some exercise.
He is very intelligent. He is polite and opens doors. He is very in tuned to me. He knows when I am worried or overthinking about something, and he asks me what is going on in my grey matter. My daughters say keep enjoying my time with him. I am having such a fun time.