This was my first match and I was drawn to him instantly. We had so much fun on our first date. I was excited to go out with him again. Unfortunately, he did not contact me. I was matched with other great men, but I could not stop thinking about the first guy. Then out of no where I receive a text from the first guy. I was going to ignore him, but I had to see what he wanted. Which was nothing. So every week he would send a random text asking how I was doing. Eventually, he asked me out again. We went out and had another great time. Since then we have been talking regularly and enjoying each others company. Physically, I am not the type of woman he normally goes for. But being that we have so much in common and time flies by when we are together, he insightfully put that aside. I may not have the curves, but I am not an ugly woman and I have a great heart with a welcoming personality. I am not sure where this is going, but I am going to enjoy the ride!