Yes, it is true that Karen and I are progressing in our relationship. Tomorrow will be 5 months that we have been together! We have numerous facets to our relationship that are ever deepening and making the overall situation better and better every day and already way better that any previous relationship in my life including my former marriage of 29 years. Specifically,  she is very honest and straightforward which, to me, is most important to me as my ex is passive aggressive and lies and games were the norm. She is also VERY spiritual in a multifaceted alternative way. She is also very intelligent which includes in the medical field so that we have another connection. She is a very strong willed person, which I absolutely need since I am not at all a wimp and I need someone who will not get bowled over by me-imperative. Lastly, we are an excellent fit re lifestyle- we are both VERY outdoor active and we have been back country skiing, hiking and hot springing rather regularly. We also have very similar eating interests and going out for sushi has been a favorite-even last nite! In summary, we are an amazing match but we are both running with it and making it better every day since we are both mature and experienced and know where we want to take this relationship.
  Obviously I am impressed with your matchmaking since this was my first match with yall. Karen has told me that she had a number of other matches that were not as good however, but I understand that was not with you. Congrats, although we are really the beneficiaries.
  Yes I want to keep my account on hold and I fully expect our relationship to continue to progress and the sky is the limit.

 Thanx again Megan. David