Hi Lisa,
I waited to meet Toby for the second time before I replied to your email…
I have now, and here is what I like about him: he is kind, polite, educated, warm, good looking (that counts too!).  We have a lot of interests in common (loves opera, knows about psychology, reads a lot, etc.) and he seems interested in things I like but he does not know much about (Taiko, for example), as I am interested in things he likes.
As far as my comments on the matchmaking dept., I felt that you were more in tune to what I like, and you did introduce me to a person that has a lot of the qualities I am interested in.  Even if it does not work out with Toby, I think you know what I want, and for that I thank you.
And yes, I would like to have my membership on hold for now.
Happy Holidays!