Dear Lisa,
The three things that I was immediately taken with when I meet Jonn, were that he is kind and compassionate, empathetic and has a great sense of humor. Jonn and I talked for the first time and 2 ½ hours flew by on the phone. Several phone calls and text messages were exchanged before we actually met. I knew in the first 5 minutes of our phone conversation that this was one special guy and that I really hoped he would like me. The moment we met I could tell that this was going to be one of the best adventures of my life. By the end of the first date, I was wondering where this wonderful man had been all my life and why had we not met sooner!! As Jonn likes to say, “All four corners of my heart need to be touched for there to be a chance for an amazing relationship.” I believe all four corners of my heart have been kissed awake by Jonn.  Thank you so much for introducing us and I am so excited to what the future holds for us. Please put my membership on hold.
Working with you Lisa,  has been a pleasure. Finding that right match for me, has been a bit of a challenge, but each gentleman I was introduced to, were wonderful people, we just did not have that connection on all four levels required for a great relationship. Keep up the good work helping others find that special connection. Thanks again for setting me up with Jonn. The adventure has began!

Best regards,