A wonderfully warm feeling in my heart and soul

By Published On: August 20, 2018
Hi, Jessica,
She is friendly and kind, compassionate, and comfortable with herself – she immediately put me at ease.  She has a good sense of humor, loves animals, and plants, and likes to cook and spend time gardening and in the outdoors.  Like me, she likes some travel, but also likes to spend time at home.  She is adaptable to circumstances, and makes the most of her life and living.  We seem to share common values and wishes for the world-at-large (peace and happiness).  She likes hugs!!!  She is down-to-earth, positive, practical, and shares my earth-oriented spiritual beliefs.  She left me yesterday with a wonderfully warm feeling in my heart and soul.  I like her!
Yes, I confirm a hold on my subscription until further notice.
And, thank you and the others for my introduction to this wonderful woman.  My discouragement has completely dissipated, gladly so.

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