Matchmaking Team

  • July 10, 20243 min

    Discover the transformative power of healing your inner child and breaking unhealthy relationship patterns. This blog explores how unmet childhood needs shape our adult relationships and offers a step-by-step guide to awareness, identification, forgiveness, and release. Learn how to conduct a Relationship Inventory, trace back and heal past traumas, and use methods like Somatic Therapy for mind-body healing. By embracing this journey, you can love your authentic self, recognize your worth, and attract healthy, loving partners. Join us and start your path to true, lasting intimacy and personal growth.

  • June 12, 20242 min

    There's no silver screen, but the process of introspection and open dialogue can lead to one of the most impactful decisions in one's life. I've often daydreamed about having the ability to foresee the consequences of our choices, particularly in matters of the heart.