You get an A as a matchmaker

By Published On: April 11, 2017
Thank you so much for your help in finding Gary. He is everything that I wanted in a man — kind, loyal, fun, smart and sexy. I never really thought I would find someone so compatible. We talk for hours about all sorts of things and became friendship immediately. We both knew this was special after our first kiss. It was electric. 
You are a great matchmaker. Thank you for your encouragement. This was a difficult decision for me. I had been on my own for 17 years and was pretty sure I wasn’t going to find love. My daughter and a friend said I needed to get back out in the dating scene. I resisted. I would never had gone forward without your help because I wanted to make sure the person was “for real.”  The background check and screening made me more confident. You were always so positive about my prospects. And, you were right!
Gary blew all my barriers away. He let me see that he was vulnerable too. I’m meeting his family on Easter and he’s met my daughter. So, we are moving into a serious relationship. That is why I want to put my membership on hold. We want to see where this goes, and right now, it looks like a great future.
As promised, I will send a picture.
You get an A as a matchmaker in my book. I appreciate you and I am so grateful.

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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