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By Published On: January 31, 2017
Dear Brittany,
I’m at the cabin now, in the snow, sun shining, and internet working, so here’s my reply:
First, YES, I am confirming I wish my account to be ON HOLD!
Next, my experience with Anthony first, then Marie, then you has been so genuine, warm, comforting, professional, and reassuring…you are all amazing! Anthony was my first contact, and I just love him. I felt so hopeful and happy after walking out of the office, his warmth was so genuine and he was a great listener and very intuitive. I knew I was in great hands with your matchmaking company.
It’s hard to say in words what this experience that has brought me such hope means to me. I really thought I’d continue being a super mom to my kids, be involved in their lives, have my friends, but felt my desire for a romantic relationship was not going to be in the cards.
I approached this matchmaking exactly as Anthony recommended, with a positive outlook, hope, and trust.
To finalize this email, I leave the best for last: PETER
First, Marie called to tell me a little about Peter, my first match, but what I really focused on was her description of him being “thoughtful”, and a match all of you felt was a good one, and since I trust all of you, I was excited.
24 hours later, I received a text from Peter, an intro, wishing me a Happy Friday, and asking me to text him a good time for us to talk. I think we were both a little nervous initially on the phone, but what I liked immediately was his voice, his energy and enthusiasm and friendliness in his tone. I melted when he laughed the first time…it was a “man giggle”, deep from the heart, and I loved it. (My son has a laugh like that, and he gets me every time!) We did end up talking much longer than 5 minutes, but that’s what seemed right for us, and we both knew we would have plenty to keep talking about when we went out on our first date. Because I was leaving these 3 days for my birthday in the snow and Peter’s schedule, initially our first date was to be this Thursday, but he asked to go out Sunday, 2 days ago, and he was flexible with his schedule. I was so happy, because waiting a week was going to be too long a wait. We met at a cool restaurant/pub, had a booth to sit in where we could linger over a glass of wine, then had dinner later, and had so much to talk about. Peter is handsome, but more importantly for me, he’s sexy. The combo of his confidence, energy, humor, honesty, direct communication (my favorite way to communicate!), and overall vitality was amazing!
Thank you for the best birthday gift I could have imagined!
In gratitude,

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