We seemed to hit it off

By Published On: August 21, 2017
Gianni thank you for putting me in touch with Mariella.  We seemed to hit it off at first meeting which could have been very strained since we both were in different parking lots at the dance studio.  I did not know there were two lots and that they were out of sight from each other.  When we did get together, after each of us apologizing we went out for “drinks” and sipped root-beer while we unloaded each of our backgrounds and history of our families.  She was very open about her life both past and current and I tried to be as open and honest about my life.  After about an hour we went to the dance studio where we were introduce to the hostess.  We danced about five dances (1 waltz and 3 fox-trots).  There was a band playing but even so we managed to converse about many subjects.  She to my surprise belongs to the United Methodist church which I was inducted into the ministry many years ago.
Mariella is also a card player as I am also.  The difference is I play against my computer and she plays against players in attendance.  Mariella is open about her married life as I tried to be without getting into areas not conducive to good manners.  I can only hope that she feels about me as I feel about her.   I welcome her as a dance partner as well as travel partner after we get to know each other better.  I am sure I want this relationship to continue as long as my health will allow me to dance and travel.  The only fault I find with this relationship is the rather long distance between our domiciles.

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