We have a great connection

By Published On: April 10, 2017

HI Deja,

I can’t say enough about the good qualities that is see in Robert, in my mind he is amazing.  Lol.  We have a great connection we have so many thing is common from being healthy in our life choices, personalities,  sense of humor,  wanting children to getting married.  We have a lot of the same values ,goals and ambitions in life both of our mothers were teachers, both  mothers are named Linda and his birthday is August 22 and my mother’s is August 29th.  Neither one of us has been married or have children so we will be able to have those experiences for the first time together which is very important to both of us.  We love the same music, food and movies when we are together it’s just easy we talk for hours on the phone on a daily basis about everything and anything.  I feel so blessed to have met he completes me.  He is truly my soul mate for life.

My experience with match makers was a little rocky at first, I was not working with Deja it was someone else.  When I met Deja she was fabulous, I would recommend her to any of my friends. Both Robert and I have discussed how right on she was with our connection.  Thank you Deja for all that you have given to Robert and myself.


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