Hi Lori,

Thank you so much for introducing G to me. You set us up on our first date for May 20 and we met at Season‘ s 52 restaurant in Boca Raton. Although we met for lunch, we ended up sitting together at our table until they were setting up for dinner. After our first date, I had to fly off to New Orleans (for my birthday), and G and I texted each other several times.

Long story/short – we dated several times, then I started spending long weekends at her house as she felt it was a good way to test compatibility. Around late Sept I ended up coming over one weekend and I never left. I sold my house 2 months later and am now moved in with her and on Feb 18, 2022 we got married in a small ceremony at my church (which we both attend now).

THings I liked about G were:

1. She’s very attractive, as you told me on the phone – I did not indicate attractiveness was important, but when I saw her it sure made a difference.
2. She is the same age as me (which I requested) and we have common experiences that helped us to build a relationship
3. She has a nice sense of humor
4. She is mature and not dramatic (another request I had)
5. She has her own business and her career is important to her (which I admire and respect).
6. She is not necessarily financially dependent upon me, but although I earn significantly more, our combined incomes allow us to do novel, fun things together (travel).
7. We have the same daily habits – we go to bed early/get up early, like the same foods, go for morning walks together, take care of our dogs, etc
8. I am learning to dance Latin style (which she enjoys) and learning some Spanish (her first language)
9. She is happy to go to events with me (movies, theater, work events) which is nice for me and important for my job, too
10. She has a lot of family around and we enjoy spending time with them too

So, we are in love, understand commitment and how to nurture a relationship, have common interests, etc. It all worked out great and I couldn’t be happier.