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By Published On: January 9, 2017
To Matchmakers,
Thank you for setting me up with Raymond.  We met about seven weeks ago and hit it off immediately.  He is a sweet, gentlemanly guy with a lot of personality.  We laugh and talk and socialize as if we have been friends for a long time.  I know he has been through a lot with the recent death of his wife, but he is very honest and sincere about his desire to move forward with his life.  We have become fast friends and started a budding romance.  He took me to Napa for a holiday treat and we had the most fantastic time – long walks, a quaint picnic, a jazz music show, and a romantic dinner.  He really knows how to treat a woman and earn her respect.  He is adorable!
After four previous connections that did not result in anything close to this sort of match, I really appreciate this latest connection.  I feel it has a lot to do with my new matchmaker, Deja.  She listened to me explain how the others didn’t work, based on distance or time commitments or personalities, and she worked hard to find a match for me.  She realized that it wasn’t about looks or status or sports connections, but that I was looking for a compatible friend to spend time with.  She spent more time talking to me to get a feel for what worked. Now I feel like I am in good hands.  Thank you, Deja!
       So because Deja found me such a mutual match, I would like to put my account on hold while I continue to get to know Raymond.  I will let you know if and when I need to be back on the dating market.

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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