By Published On: July 13, 2015

Here you go.

Laurie has a Great smile!
She has beautiful dimples when she smiles.
With a razor sharp mind & a quick wit she can easily hold her own in any conversation.
Her long legs mean that we can walk together easily.
In addition Laurie has the patience to hold off jumping to conclusions until she has all the facts.
Laurie’s desire to know the facts, to investigate as needed;
will always set her, head and shoulders, above the other women I have met.

Working with you as my matchmaker has been fun and it was nice to chat with you.
You have a good professional attitude and are friendly without being pushy.
Also, as a guy, it was comfortable to speak with another man about my possible matches.
The entire matchmaking team has been easy to work with and very friendly to me.

Please place my membership on hold with Matchmakers as of today 7-13-2015.

I will contact Matchmakers when or if my situation changes.

Until we meet again,


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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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