Hi Gianni,

Sorry to take so long to reply. Dare I say it was because I was with B???!! LOL!!

Anyway it was B’s outlook and attitude about looking at things that initially drew me to her. Her intelligence, sense of humor, wittiness and wackiness, out of box and no nonsense approach to problem solving were all qualities I had hoped to find in a companion. These, plus the many more I have discovered since then, all confirm she is the ideal person for me!

To say we have a lot in common is putting it mildly! We have discovered that we have also had an uncanny number of similar and parallel life experiences, along with some geographic locations too! How weird huh? But, as I have already stated, these have also served to bring us closer together.

Every phone call and every meeting serve to bring us closer together and allow us to further explore and get to know one another even better!

Having said all that—yes, please, place a hold on my membership.

Take care and Thank You very much,