September 8, 2014

By Published On: September 8, 2014

Before, my dating life was a disaster. I didn’t like the online thing as you have a lot of people that are not honest or just scammers. I was googling different matchmaking and filled out a questionnaire in one of them and that’s how I got a phone call. For the first seven dates, there wasn’t any chemistry there. I did put a review saying that it’s not a magical agency where you’re going to get your prince on the first date. I’m not saying it can’t happen. It can happen, but there was no chemistry. But number eight, there was. His name is Paul and we have been dating since July 25th. It took a few tries. I had Marie as my matchmaker and she was absolutely awesome. I didn’t expect to find love in the first date or the second date. It takes work and time so I made it into a fun, eventful thing. I would call her and she was always very cheerful to talk to. We’d laugh and I’d tell her about my dates and make a joke out of it and turn it into a positive thing. And she said she was going to work really hard for me to get my Mr. Right, and so far it has worked. This is the longest I’ve seen someone – for over a month now. I just love Marie. I want to meet her one day and hope to get to meet her if things go well.

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