About Doris, she is a very alert and intelligent lady.  After our lunch where we introduced ourselves and discussed various subjects, she asked if I  would like to see her home.  We spent an hour or so and then made arrangements to see each other again.  I have met her immediate family and have spent several hours with them, they all seemed to like me, which pleased Doris.  We have spent another full day together traveling to the coast and had lunch at Sea Harvest, Morrow Bay.  We have been able to communicate so well and talk about what each of us would like to see develop between us, that we now have somewhat of a plan to develop our relationship.  At the present time I plan to be the best friend she has ever had and she agrees with that.  Seemed that you took extra time to match us and I had begun to wonder, but no more.  My life has brightened up and I am being very careful not to overstep in my eagerness to be as close to her as I can.  I think that is it, I don’t want to do any predicting.

Thank you