September 27, 2014

By Published On: September 27, 2014
I would have to say that the quality that I appreciate most about Rose is her sense of humor! I haven’t laughed so much in years. She’s smart and well informed and we share a huge common knowledge of popular culture from the last 50 years or so. We like the same music, old TV shows, performers, and so much more.  It’s really easy to talk to someone who gets all your movie, song, etc. references.  She’s affectionate and attractive and for some reason, she likes me!
I’m left wondering how much of this is due to the matchmaking process and how much is luck or fate. If you guys did this
“on purpose” you’re really good! It’s been a pleasure working with you and with Donni.
I would really like to see how this relationship progresses. We have become close and really enjoy spending time together. For those reasons, I would like to put my membership on hold until further notice.
Thanks for your help,

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