Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude for helping me finally reach  the “right guy”… I’m speaking about Lee. We met and began dating very slowly, but each time we began to learn more about each other and become friends. Now things are beginning to progress.  I can’t tell you how great  it is to understand the importance of getting to know someone before taking steps to the next level.
Lee is a very genuine person, honest and forthright.  We have so much in common that it’s a little scary, we even vacationed at the same place throughout our childhood and never even knew it!
I don’t think I would have met someone like Lee if it hadn’t been for Nicole listening to me and truly making an effort to connect me to the perfect man. Nicole, I do appreciate all the phone calls you allowed me to “vent” with my frustrations. You were right, just had to give it time…
I would like to place my membership on hold to allow Lee and I time to let this relationship grow. I understand that I need to contact you if things change.
Again, thank you so much I’m very happy and I have you to thank.