Hi Nicole,
You asked me to describe some of the qualities that I appreciate about Jeffrey well, we only talked twice before we met due to missed calls (we kept missing each others calls.) Just talking to him and the conversations we had he just seemed to be a very nice, caring, understanding, and passionate person.
A true gentleman, when we were leaving the restaurant he open my car door for me to get in……talk about old school…… I remember those days.
The conversation was not all about him or vice verse I felt very comfortable talking with him and he followed the California Singles rules…….. I noticed as I was told phone calls should be short starting out and when we met do not extend meeting time too long……
As far as the matchmaking department my experience have been pleasant.  Things happen for a reason….as far as you being my matchmaker you were always upbeat, nice, polite, and understanding with me and I thank You for that, because I was getting very discouraged for a while and you were patient with me.  Please put my membership on hold as Jeffery and I get to know each other.
Thanks again Nicole!