What made her attractive to me.
1.  I prayed for a blond woman and she is blond.
2.  I prayed for a woman that loves Jesus and she does.
3.  She lives near my childhood area.
4.  She does not live far from my current address.
5.  She loves to talk and listen.
6.  Both of us are familiar with the Hug Doctor in the 1960 and 1970.
     Because of this we both loves hugs for the right reason.
7.  She is very intelligent.
8.  She is a county girl and city girl.
9.  She has 4 children and I have 3 all about the same age.
We currently have a second date this Sunday.
I really believe that Patrice outdid herself with this match.  She was able to put together all the attributes of her and I together to make a great match.  Only time will tell for her and I and the future looks good.
I  also confirm that I want my membership to be but on hold.
Thank you and God Bless