Mariah….Hi, and thank you for matching me with Pat.  We have had three meetings/dates.  There are many good qualities I recognize about Pat.  She shows enthusiasm for our developing friendship, is positive, willing to share about herself, has a great sense of humor, and there is common interest, cooperation and good level of chemistry developing.  I think there is a good trust level there.  We have long range plans to attend two symphony concerts, for which I have purchased tickets.  She  is pro active about keeping in touch (showing interest for the relationship).  Also, the lady has a nice smile! 🙂  I would  like to place myself on “happy hold” in hopes on concentrating on building this relationship……Affectionate, and a winner!

You and Matchmakers have done a good job in matching us.  On a scale of 1-10, I would give you an 11^.^