When you called to tell me about Joan, I wasn’t sure I wanted to meet her. But you encouraged me to meet her, so I called her and we agreed on a date and went to Elephant Bar for lunch. I found out she was Irish when we were to meet at the restaurant she said she would be waving a little Irish flag so I would know it was her. So I made a little holder and took an American flag with me so she would know it was me. When she came walking up, I waved my little flag and we went in the restaurant and put both of our flags in the holder and set it on the table. We talked and had a good time at lunch. Later, Joan called me and asked if she could repay me by taking me to lunch in my town.

Last week we set up a meeting but had to change it at the last minute and ended up meeting for lunch. What a pleasant time we had together! It has been really fantastic and that is where we are right now. With Joan it is all smiles and so much fun together. She is an amazing woman in my books. I would like to put my membership on hold for the present time while we continue on our adventure in to a wonderful life. Thank you for persuading me to move ahead with Joan.