What I like about Marge is her openness, her caring nature and her willingness to accept me as I am. I find her fascinating person, one that I can talk to about most any subject. She is on my intellectual level which is refreshing and comfortable for me. I find it easy to talk to her, easy to be open and honest, and I find being around her very calming and relaxing. Usually, I am very nervous around women until I get to know them, but each time I see her, it feels like I exhale and a sense of calm comes over me. We are communicating multiple times daily, through texting, email or talking and sometimes all of the above. We have seen each other three times in a week and it feels like I have known her for three months. I already have plans to see her on Sunday, the following Thursday and two Sundays after that. I definitely want to see where this goes before I consider any other matches.

Have a nice day!