November 9, 2014

By Published On: November 9, 2014

I am replying to inform you about some qualities I enjoy about Clair. He is the first gentleman that I have enjoyed meeting from the matching department. He is intelligent, kind, heart warming, easy to talk to, good sense about him, fun presents to be around, and he looks for the good in life. He has a positive manner, he seems to have the best gentleness and brings a genuine calm easy to talk to kind presents. He is the most patient gentleman I have been around. And I am around a lot of men every day at work, so I can say easily  see sincere friendly loving qualities that all men should have. I thank you for matching us up and I am hoping for a great life friend and hopefully more if he decides to continue to date me.  Also I think he is handsome another words easy on my eyes. I see that he cares about the way he dresses and looks. That really helps when meeting someone and he is very fit for our age. Impressive don’t you think. I do
Rachel is it? I feel you are right on the match with this one, thanks and if I have the opportunity to keep this match going and meet you some time. I m giving you a heartwarming hug. By the way please put a hold on my account for a while so I can have time to get to know Clair better. This one is a keeper at least for now.

Take care,


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