Lucy, I’ve decided to put my membership on hold for a short period of time. I’ll contact you after that to update.

Paul has most of the qualities that I am looking for – educated, intelligent, fit, healthy. I find him to be very considerate of the people he cares about & easy going. He is loyal, honest, trustworthy. He is extremely spiritual, very upbeat, smiles a lot. We have lots of similar interests. He has a very kind & warm personality, a positive outlook on Life. He shows a genuine desire to understand what makes the other person happy. He is patient & tactful, has an eye for  beauty & a fine sense of balance.

My experience with Lucy was incredibly positive – from the very start. She is very professional, always responds on time, listens carefully to what the other person have to say & acts upon it. Above all – She is passionate about what she is doing, she is happy doing it & she has great intuition. She cares…..
Lucy understands the world of emotions, feelings, intuition. It is a rare quality!!!! And I respect this very much.  I am grateful & feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.