We met at Todos Santo Park. It was an instant connection. There was chemistry. We were so surprised. We talked for 3hrs. and it came so easily. We went for Skipolinies Pizza for another 2hrs. I never have anyone come to my house and I let him. We sat on the patio and talked until it got dark. 

I had him over for Monday nite football and nachos. It was so easy and comfortable. Talked until 3:30am. We are texting everyday.  We have talked about our wants for the future and we are wanting the same thing. 
It’s unbelievable. We can’t believe this has finally happened for us. Thank you Marie. For what it’s worth,  I knew it would be you that could make this happen. Thank you.
Besides being hot. LOL 
He’s honest, open and kind.
He has the scene of humor I have to have.
He is hard working and loves what he does.
He is generous. 
He is smart enough to make me feel beautiful. (The first things he said to me.)
He’s not afraid of me. 
That’s a real man. 
I would like to be put on the hold list. Like you said you hope you never have to hear from me again. I hope so too.