November 18, 2013

By Published On: November 18, 2013

Dear Donni,

I am writing to express my greatest appreciation for all of the work that you put in to finding me the perfect match. I always had confidence in you because you listened to what my needs were and I just felt that you actually cared and understood me. You offered just the right amount of encouragement and sound advice in the most professional manner but in a way that felt like advice from an old friend.  As much as I enjoyed working with you and our monthly conference calls I will be putting my account on hold, hopefully permanently.

As for my future, I have never been more excited and at ease with another woman. She is absolutely my perfect match and over the last 15 months of getting to know her I still get that first meeting excitement, each and every time we get together. As you know I sometimes second guessed myself but having spent almost exactly 11 months in the friend zone I have no reservations or doubts about our future. I owe a lot of that first year incubation to your advice about the slow burn and focus on getting to know each other. And as a result she is and always will be my best friend first and now she is also so much more. We have a shared passion for golf, we share many other things in common and we can just sit and chat about everything for hours. 

Your friend,


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