November 14, 2014

By Published On: November 14, 2014

Hi Rachael,
The info. you shared on George intrigued me and I thought I would give it one more try.
George has a wonderful sense of humor, intelligent wit and treats me with respect and equanimity. He loves animals, which was huge on my list. He has a delightful little dog who gets along great with both my dogs and cats and is comfortable spending time outside with us and my horse.
I was a little dubious about his age. Twelve years difference is quite a bit at this stage in our lives, but he has turned out to be very young seventy.
Icing on the cake? He has a Harley he loves to ride and so do I!
Thanks, Rachael. Ya’ done good!
Please put my membership on hold while George and I spend time getting to know one another.

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