November 10, 2014

By Published On: November 10, 2014
Hi Rachel,

You’re a very gifted matchmaker. You were certainly in tune with me and Levan when you matched us. In fact, my experience working with your matchmaking team has been excellent. I’ve been divorced for 11 years and hadn’t been on a date in 9 years so you can imagine how nervous I was to start meeting men. You offered words of encouragement that helped calm my fears and anxiety about the dating process. You promptly returned my calls and spent enough time talking to get a good feel for what I’m really like in spite of what my profile says. The people who answer the phones are polite and friendly.

Even though I listed smoking as a deal-breaker and Levan described himself as a “social smoker”, you took a chance that the rest of his qualities may overshadow the smoking issue. While his profile minimized the amount he smokes (He smokes several times a day – maybe a pack every 3 or 4 days), his other qualities make his smoking seem trivial.

Levan seems to be genuinely compassionate, kind, and soooo romantic, unlike the calculating, phony, bait-and-switch cheese balls I’ve met in the past. Other men have told me I’m a “hot mom”, but Levan is glad that I’m a good mother and respects that my children come first, even if it cuts into our limited time together. He’s so easy to be around; he told me he feels like he’s always known me.

The other night when the moon was full he left work 3 hours early so we could take a walk in the park together. He’s from the country of Georgia in Eastern Europe where they are known for making wine so he’s teaching me all about fine wine. He’s a fabulous cook. He let me show him how to make pottery and even tagged along when I went to the clay shop to buy supplies. He even let me drive his new truck – what guy does that?

My kids met him for the first time last night. They thought he was “cool” – quite a compliment coming from a bunch of teenagers, especially since they don’t like their dad’s girlfriend (not that it really matters, but I can’t help being a little smug about it.)

Sorry for gushing on and on, but he’s AMAZING! I don’t know what he sees in me, but he keeps calling and spending time with me.

Thank you so much Rachel. Please put my account on a “happy hold” for the time being.


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