Near perfect match!

By Published On: August 1, 2018
Hi Gianni!,
Yes, please put me on a very “Happy Hold” as of Aug.1st.
(I have been so busy w/ my match- I forgot to check my email…)
Her company is a true pleasure to be around.
She is a very wonderful women, in many ways:
We share many common interests.
We have a similar sense of humor-sort of a dry wit…we love to laugh…we love the same movies.
Our past relationship(s) history are similar too. We were both in long term relationships, that fell flat. Past relationship that had a deeply profound impact on our lives, both negative & positive….
We seem to be very compatible-even though its just been a month, since our first date!
I can’t wait to see her today!  ;-)    (It’s been a few days since our last date; do to our work schedules-NO worries.)
Gianni, you did a great job of matching me! I remember telling you I was looking for an intelligent, petite, perky, athletic women.
You did it. You came thru w/ near perfect match! (I personally don’t believe in a perfect match-you work towards that perfection w/ your partner. It’s a lot easier if you have a lot in common.)

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