Thanks it has been nice working with you. I had two date before I met Nancy. She has been so much fun to talk with,she is a go getter. Our first date for dinner, I brought her a single rose and she loved that. I got a big hug,we enjoy each other so well we had to be told the restaurant was closing.

It was nice to hold hands in the movie. I could not hold back any longer,and walked out of the movie holdings hands as well. Talked about the next time we could meet, even though she has the weekend off and I have Wednesday / Thursday.

All in all Nancy is fun to be with. We talked about our favorite movies music, going to New York. We also talked about our emotions on our sleeves. I
could go on and on but, right now I will need more time with her so please put
everything on hold so we can find out more about each other.
Thank you