Hi Donni

It was nice talking to you today.

Thank you for introducing me to Darlene.  I couldn’t have picked a more delightful
lady. Though we’ve only known each other for a little over 72 hours as I type this email, we’ve already spent some fun and enjoyable moments together. Qualities I appreciate about Darlene?  Where do I start? Darlene is a lady who is full of life.  She’s also a warm and down-to-earth lady who loves to laugh and has the ability to make laugh – a lot.

Darlene is gorgeous!  As nice as that is, more importantly, I find  that the more time I spend with her the more her inner beauty becomes blatantly obvious.  She’s a “what you see, is what you get a type of lady.  And she is genuine, warm, engaging and has a disarming way about her.

She’s incredibly easy for me to talk to and is also a great listener. I could go on and on but I think you get the point by now. I’m a realist.  I acquired your services knowing it would likely be a process.  I suppose had you referred me to Darlene initially, I would have been shocked.

On a positive note, Donni has been responsive to my feedback and I sensed going into this last date with Darlene that there would be an appreciable difference between this date and the others.  Turned out I was right, as Darlene not only met, but far exceeded my expectations.

Please place my membership on hold.