May 23, 2013

By Published On: May 23, 2013

Hi Kathrine,

From the minute I met Brian for dinner we got along and laughed a lot.  We both enjoyed each other’s company.  I was disappointed to learn he lives in Santaquin but it hasn’t posed much of a problem.  He is easy going and has a great sense of humor.  He is very thoughtful and considerate.  We have been 4 wheeling in the Santaquin area and met some of his kids/nieces/nephews.  I can tell he has a special place for family and will go the extra mile – he raised most of his kids and has a good relationship with them.  That tells me a lot.  We have similar interests in the out of doors and getting out and having fun.  He is easy to get to know and relate to.  He is smart and holds up his end of the conversation.  I would like to get to know him more. 

As far as you are concerned, you have been great.  The two people I have been paired with have had good qualities and similar interests.  I don’t know if I would trust the first man but definitely Brian.  I have appreciated your support and enthusiasm.  I think you have done an excellent job.

I do want to put my membership on hold to get to know Brian.

Best regards,


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