March 30, 2015

By Published On: March 30, 2015
Please put my membership on hold,
The qualities I appreciate about Margaret are: She is a good conversationalist; She has a good since of humor; She makes one feel very comfortable around her; We both share the same view of the world; and I think she my be smarter than I am, a trait that I like; She is well preserved for her age and looks younger than she is, which of course is due to her having a high self esteem.
The matchmaker (Carolyn) has been more than patent with me as I have been very neglectful in responding back promptly as I should. The past month I have had a lot on my plate and the time zone difference for contacts I was not adjusting to.  But, henceforth I am going to do better.
In my short tenure with Albuquerque Singles Carolyn is my second Matchmaker, and I hope I get to stay with Carolyn as my Matchmaker.

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