Good morning Holly,

I hope you are doing well. I really appreciate you matching me with Renee. She is exactly the kind of woman I’ve been looking for. She’s smart, she’s pretty, she’s witty, and, most importantly, she’s Godly. She is a regular member at her church, she volunteers there and she’s done some ministering in her life. So, I am very impressed and pleased that we are going to start a friendship…and see where it goes. I am hopeful and excited at this point, so…good times!
Additionally, I really appreciate the matchmaking department. They have scrutinized matching me with members quite well. I’ve found Holly to be pleasant and professional (Holly, I hope I didn’t bug you too much), and I appreciate Holly’s efforts at making sure I find people who are Christian and just good people.
Also, please put my membership on a happy hold. Hopefully, it will be the last one. Thank you so much!