You have been so helpful and understanding in helping find matches for me. After such a horrible issue with the previous company you have been a joy to work with.

I felt that I could let you know what was good and bad about matches and know you would work on making each one better.

Mike is such a gentleman it is nice. Every time we get together we discover something else we have in common, it is a nice surprise. He has been so fun to talk to, I look forward to each meeting.

We are planning on cooking a meal together this week and I’m sure it will be a learning experience. He has some interesting hobbies I am eager to learn about and I hope the summer allows us more time to get to know each other. I think it is great that we both work swing shifts so we understand our schedules.

I hope this build into a great relationship, I think he is a very nice man.

So please put me on hold status while we discover each other and see if we can make a long lasting relationship.