Hi Lisa,
Greg and I are having a wonderful time getting to know each other. As a matter of fact, he was sitting right next to me when you called on Saturday. We were spending the day in San Francisco. So far everything I have to say about him is great. He’s very easy to be with, we spend a lot of time talking and laughing. Due to conflicting work schedules getting together during the week can be a challenge, but we try to meet for lunch once a week, plus spend time together during the weekends. We have a LOT in common. We have now met each others kids, and gotten the “thumbs up” all around. I really like that he is dedicated to his family and his work, that he is really easy going and not easily “ruffled”. For example we were supposed to watch the sunset at Ocean Beach this past Saturday, but it was raining. We went to the beach anyway and watched the rain clouds go from dark gray to black. Not as impressive as an actual sunset, but we still had a good time sitting in the car, talking and laughing.
My experience with the over-all matchmaking department has been hit-and-miss. However, I have been very pleased with my experience working with you. I realize that there are some challenges on the part of your membership and getting to know exactly what your clients are looking for, and finding that match among the other clients. I have met some very nice men. Greg and I have both joked about the fact we were both discouraged, but now the joke is “Hey, looks like it wasn’t a waste after all!” as we laugh and hug.
As Greg and I are both looking forward to seeing where this new relationship takes us, I would like to put my membership on “Happy Hold”.
Thank you, Lisa, for finding Greg for me!!