Hey Samantha
I gotta tell you I’ve been skeptical since I’ve joined! Mike is the only guy I’ve been matched with that I feel might lead into more! I’m so excited!
So qualities of Mike.. Faith is very important to me and after my date with Mike I’ve learned that he has faith! He is like me in the sense that he isn’t going regularly to church but was raised in the church and still believes it! Also to be honest, Mike physically is the only match I’ve been attracted to. He seems to be a guys guy. Likes sports and such. He has kids and actually loves and enjoys them! 
My experience with you has been fabulous! When you 1st took over I thought that maybe I was difficult for you. I can admit I love to talk talk talk and am a bit crazy (in a good way). But after talking to you for a bit I realized I wasn’t difficult.. I have enjoyed my experience with you as my match maker! 
I also am confirming that I would like to place my account on a happy hold!! 
Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!! & thank you so much for my Mike match!