Hi Lisa,
Thanks for the positive match between Sandra and myself.  We enjoyed each other’s company very much this past Sunday and look forward to seeing each again in the next couple of days.
The qualities I appreciate about Sandra are:   Her easy going manner, pleasantness with conversing with her, her ability to relate to some of the experiences we have both shared in our past, our common Catholic religious background, her honesty and genuine concern for others, and same musical tastes and hobbies to name a few.
I have enjoyed working with your matchmaking department over the past 10 months, but especially working with you Lisa, as you understood my direct concern for a practicing Catholic woman with which to match up with and many of the same “enjoyables” that we shared in our first meeting!
Please accept this notification of my desire to place my membership on hold until further notice as Sandra and I explore our new relationship.
Thanks again Lisa for this wonderful match.  Your assistance is much appreciated!
Most Sincerely, Peter