Thank you for getting my status corrected last night.
I am in love with Allan, that said, I will try to be objective about his good qualities and why I am attracted to him.
Allan is smart, I have the highest regard for intelligence and find it attactive.
Allan has a good sense of humor, a little twisted.
I love talking to Allan and he is improving on his smartass, verbal sparring.
Allan is trustworthy, I feel safe with this man and did from our first meeting.
Allan is a gentleman, this quality is new to me and I will love getting used it.
Allan is generous with and loving to his family and to me.
Allan appeals to me physically and smells very good.
Allan is a wonderful lover, very attentive.
Allan is self-sufficient, lives well and has his own business.
Allan is an artist who loves his music as well as reading, movies, art, restaurants and food.
Although we have differences I think those differences may complement each other.  I am being exposed to new things with Allan and I love that experience.  We want to get to know each better to see if this will turn into what we are both hoping for.
Review of the matchmaking department:
Allan is the first match that I have had with your service so you did pretty well with that.  Everyone I have dealt with has been very nice.
I confirm that I would like my membership to be placed on hold.