Hi Samantha,

I may have learned something about making assumptions after this match process.  I’d assumed Jack wasn’t interested when he didn’t get back to me after two phone messages. The reality was quite different.  He was out of town and hadn’t heard them.  I guess I’m used to cell phones, but I’d left a message on his land-line, and he wasn’t there to hear it.  I still felt, we had a real good visit on our first “date”. 

We are older, so obviously have much of our lives yet to share with one another than an afternoon won’t provide, but I think we will continue to enjoy each others’ company.  Neither of us seems to mind the distance between us.  Jack seems willing to explore areas that he was not hereto familiar with as am I.  So, for now, I’d like to put the match process on hold until I’ve had a few more occasions to meet Jack and get to know him.  He is again out of town, and will be back next week at which time, he said he’d be in touch.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  The only “red flag” and it’s really just “yellow” is that Jack is tall and thin, and I’m short and a little round.  If he doesn’t mind, I won’t worry.   Thanks for your help.