Hi Maria – I’m off to a great start with CA Singles.

I thought I’d drop you a line to say that my first match was with Mike from Castro Valley and he’s top notch. He seems to have great character (raised his daughter as a single parent), is handsome, and has fabulous blue eyes! This is very promising 🙂 We’ve only met once, and had a good connection, with a follow up phone chat. I expect we’ll meet again. His schedule is opposite mine, so that makes finding time for get-together a challenge. We’ll see how flexible he is. And, on my part, I am excited to carve out the time with gentlemen like him.
So thanks for your good work to deliver quality with match #1, and for a match staff that has been terrifically responsive as I get started! A week after sign-up (Fri) I had already been contacted by the match staff, and by the following week Megan introduced to Mike’s profile, and two weeks a a day after sign-up, met Mike. That’s great momentum!
Keep your fingers crossed for more quality matches to come my way, and any influence you can impart with your match team is much appreciated!
Thank you Maria