Yes, please, place my membership on hold.
Janice is a competitive athlete (as am I), so we understand what drives each other.  She is both an occasional practicing Catholic as well as a student of Buddhism (as am I … if just less “occasional”).  We both click each other’s “passionate” button.  She asks about my life (flying and another degree) and I ask about hers (working girl).  She’s smart and creative.  We match on moral issues of the day.
Brief review of my experience with the matchmaking department:   I have to admit, I accepted any girl you suggested, Sabrina (we only got up to #6) — partly because you’re the pro and I’m not and I accept you have an impossible challenge in finding folks who will click together on all those qualities that are simply beyond quantification in 150 questions (and an interview).  I appreciated that you readily accepted my request to limit the matchmaking to once every 3-4 weeks.  And to have the girl accept me first.