First I would like to thank God for a wonderful match. Secondly I would like to thank Tamara for persuading me to give you a chance to match me up with a real single good man. Thirdly I would like to thank Megan for matching me up with a real good man. Thank You Megan!
Right now I’m putting my membership on hold to further my relationship with Stephen.
Stephen was my second match, but my first date. When Stephen called me to introduce himself, we ended up talking for 4 hours on the phone; he didn’t want to hang up. The next day we talked for another 4 hours on the phone; the conversation was endless. Saturday Stephen was here in Fresno to meet me face to face and we both felt each other spirit like we been knowing each other for a long time. We met at my church and he was impressed with my church members volunteering their time to help the community youth with their school work and to learn more about themselves. I took Stephen around Fresno, he liked the city, we had lunch, played pool, watched t.v. and talked and talked and we both agreed to continue our relationship further because we have so much in common.