Hi Lisa,
Yes, I am putting my membership on hold to further my relationship with Jeff.
We have gone on 3 dates so far and they have been long dates with lots of talking.  I have had the opportunity to learn that he and I have similar values, passions and upbringing.  He has a good sense of humor, has a strong personality, and is willing to be honest.  We both have professions that are very similar and we share a religious background that is very important to me.
My reluctance at first to Jeff was that I was not as physically attracted to him as I would have wanted to be.  I was hoping for that instant chemistry.  I found that by the third date I was more impressed with him physically than I thought I was. 
Since Jeff was my first date with the service it seems a bit rushed that I am putting the membership on hold already, but I think it is appropriate given the intensity of the dates so far.  I hope it works out the way it is supposed to !
I am very impressed with the matchmaking service.  The fact that you and your team (Megan) were able to find someone that matches my profile and is so closely aligned with me was extremely impressive.  I was really quite stunned when I met him to see that how close we were in personality.
Thank you for your help, I will keep you posted.