I was very skeptical about meeting T, he was supposed to be my first match and he never called me. So Tian asked me to meet him again, there were many questions in my mind. She mentioned somehow he missed the email last time. I thought of giving a try. We met in a restaurant for first date. I was not much physically attracted at first time, but I felt he is very genuine and honest person, looks like he was attracted to me( he keep telling that :)). I know he is a sales manager…hope its not sales pitch!!! We parted that day with a little passionate kiss. He texted me in the night and let me know how he felt and I replied back. Next day we texted again and scheduled to meet again for a movie. I got so much attracted to him that day. We watched movie together, its fun because we have huge cultural differences but still getting attracted to each other. What I felt about him is he tells me frankly what he thinks or feels about me. I don’t have to guess or go through mind games. Not sure he is the guy, but so far it going in the right direction. He has time for me, even after late work he comes to meet me. That meant a lot to me.