Sorry it’s taking so long to respond but my job came first past few weeks. Describe some of the qualities well she’s very pleasant to talk to still a little shy doesn’t talk a lot but is truly interested in what I have to say and when she speaks it’s very profound. We’ve been out on several dates and is progressing very well, as was stated in her profile she likes to travel so we have been to quite a few places and seeing quite a few things. I’ve met some of her family and she has met some of mine and we had Thanksgiving her and I together.

I was starting to lose hope in you finding me a match, I know that I’ve only been on 4 dates but it seems that what I had put down as far as a match you’re having a hard time finding so in my own mind I’ve had to reevaluate who I was looking for and not compromise on the quality of the person.

Thinking that in a few more months we’ll see how it goes.

oh yes by the way I want to confirm to put my membership on hold.

Yours truly,