I never lost hope

By Published On: July 17, 2015
Hi Ashlee,
So, Dan is a wonderful man.  It’s like he and I have been living parallel lives for the past 20 years.  The same things that have happened to him in relationships have happened to me.  We have both been single parents and have raised successful children.  We both have fallen into careers that may not have been our original goal, but we have thrived in them.  We have so many hobbies in common as well.   Motorcycles, country lifestyle, good food & cooking, fishing, camping and being outside.  He grew up in the same area of California where I have been considering moving to when I retire. He is physically attractive to me, he was well dressed and well groomed.  He smelled good. When he moved in for a kiss at the end of our date it was with the perfect balance of confidence and respect. (I had to keep myself in check to make sure I did not come off as too eager and scare him away)  I find him to be intelligent, gregarious and non judgmental. I love that he could accompany me anywhere and would conduct himself appropriately.  I admire his success in his field of work, I’m already proud of knowing him.  I feel like he tries his best at every thing he does, but does not come off as super competitive.  I am filled with calm excitement. I hope it works out between us for a serious relationship.
As far as my membership, I do want to keep dating Dan, so as along as he agrees, I want to put my membership on hold.
This has been the highlight of my experience with the matchmaking department.  I know we are all only human, and sometimes when it looks good on paper, it isn’t a good match in real time.  However, your compassion for my situation and genuine concern to help me find a successful match was comforting.  I never lost hope, and if Dan ends up not being a partner for me, I will return because……I have to keep trying and I appreciate your efforts and will not give up.
Thank you for doing what you do,

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